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OMG!this isn’t like me at all! :O

this isn’t like me at all! :O

Tom…Ienjoy your face :3

…Ienjoy your face :3


Avengers Gif Challenge! :D

Avengers GIF Challenge! w00t

Avengers Gif Challenge

3rd gif is your reaction to your ability/power:


7th gif is when you tell the public your identity:

what now bitches! I’m a hero!

12th gif is when you meet Nick Fury:

….I wonder if he legit only has one eye…0.0

15th gif when you agree to work with SHIELD:

25th gif is your reaction to meeting the other Avengers:

(LOL! probable XD)

29th gif is you finding out about Asgard:


34th gif is you during training:


40th gif is when you learn about Loki:

LOL! oh my god XD not far off actually

47th gif is when you are fighting in the city:

….that’s probable about Loki XD

53rd gif is when you win:


Random Tom/Loki

random Tom/Loki

random Tom/Loki gifs